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This web site is dedicated to researching 18th and 19th Century Irish families with the name Eivers, Evers, Ivers, Evre, Heever, MacKeever.
Please have a look at the Origins of the name page including a rather vague reference to our 'ROYAL ANCESTOR' King Ivor Eivers of Dublin. It may get you a free pint of Guinness if you ever visit the city.

Browse through various data that researchers have found Odds and Ends , or have a look at the Photo Section to see if there is a family resemblance.

In the early 1800's there were probably just over 100 families with this name in Ireland. Most of them lived in the midlands of Ireland in the counties of Westmeath and Longford. Many may have perished in the famine during the1840's. Some of the survivors and their children emigrated in search of a better life. There is a world-wide group of about 20 of us whose family trees share this name, we are connected by e-mail and pool our research in the hope that we find some common ancestor. Current researchers have connections with: Ireland, England, Wales, United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Virgin Islands

Tips for starting your search

  1. Have an open mind about the spelling of the surname. My grandfather married as an Ivers, was christened an Evers and was the son of an Eivers!
  2. Try to find as much family information as possible from elderly relatives. And write it down.
  3. Place names such as townlands, parishes, baronies etc. are essential for locating the right records. Try to get help on the internet if you are struggling to make sense of them.
  4. Good documentation saves yourself and others lots of time. It is always essential to record the sources of information and always take note of which records you have searched- especially if there is nothing of use in the records.
  5. Try to find un-common names within the family and use them when searching for records (ie not John or Mary)

Please have a browse at the vast amount of data we have available on the name. Also please use the Message Board to leave details of your ancestors. Many thanks to Lynn Eivers, Andrew Veevers and my father George who have done most of the work in compiling these records.

Please let me know of any faults with the web Cliff Ivers

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1860 New York Directory

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Irish Born name variants in the 1901 UK census

Name variants in the Griffiths Property Valuation of 1860's

1870 Irish Landowners

Lest we forget...Commonwealth war dead 1917-1945

    Emigration Records

Evers-Irish to America Database1845-65

 Ellis Island Imigrants-Eivers and Evers 1892-1920

Irish to Argentina 1822-1889

Irish to America 1882-1886

Transportation from Ireland to Australia

    Family Trees

Patrick Eivers 1834, Westmeath (Cliff Ivers, UK)

Patrick Eivers 1816, Longford (Janet Culp USA)

Margaret Eivers 1847 Westmeath(Murtagh Juan Carlos ARG)

 The Eivers Crest


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"Beir beannact om croí go tir na hEireann
Ban cnoic Eireann og
Con a marionn na Iolrai Ir is Eibhear
Ban Cnoic Eireann og."

Translated, this means
"Bring a blessing from my heart to Ireland
To the fair hills of Ireland
Where the chiefs Ir and Eibhear dwell
Fair hills of Ireland"

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